Matrix Automation MK is a registered trading name of M Krousso Ltd

Matrix Automation MK

A-Series iTech & Ax-Series iTechx  Unique iTech module is "Service-Free"

Yes, you read that correctly- the iTech range is "Service-Free". And even more reliable. And even more economical.


A420i- for more specialist applications, including food grade and opaque inks, longer conduits and 40μm nozzle. IP55 rating

A520i- as per A420i but electronics sealed in an IP66 enclosure (therefore no screen/keyboard), with tablet-style controller. Stackable.

Languages- English, Greek, Arabic, Russian and many more

Specialist inks- Food Grade, wet surfaces, light colour

No single ink can be used on all surfaces. We have supplied inks that are:

  • food-grade,

  • inks for (slightly) wet surfaces,

  • light-colour for dark surfaces, etc.

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