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Priority support

For maximum performance, we offer yearly preventive maintenance plans for all coders and metal detectors. These include:

  • Full service/audit

  • Free training

  • Free labour

  • Priority call out

  • Discount on spares (if needed)


Our trained engineers will regularly test your metal detectors. Performance verification ensures:

  • Full service/audit

  • Peak equipment performance

  • Operational compliance (HACCP, BTC, etc)

  • Documented proof (certificate) of steady process performance

All engineers are trained by our suppliers. Continual training ensures keeping up with new models and technologies.

  • Professional installations

  • Operator training

  • Telephone support

  • Back-up planning (usually underestimated...)

  • Hardware/software upgrades

Maintenance Plans

We are confident our printers and metal detectors are so reliable that they will not need much looking after. The new I-Tech range of inkjet printers are "service-free", the laser coders use a single long-life tube, and Safeline metal detectors, even though are the most sensitive to stainless steel contaminants, are so stable that you will find few false rejects.​ But you need to maximise your production time and our factory-trained engineers are here for just that. 
From our experience, over 20 years, with over 150 machines, we recommend annual Preventive Maintenance Contracts.

Trained engineers

Meet The Team

Manolis Kroussaniotakis

  • BSc Economics, MBA

  • In packaging industry since 1993

  • Strong believer in "It's never too late"

Marble Surface


  • BSc Electrical Engineering

  • Trained at Domino (Greece)

  • Trained at Safeline (UK)


Stylianos Sortanos

  • MSc (Eng) Control Systems

Gradient Ocean

Christina Halloumi

  • BSc Business Administration

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