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Other industries

The Plastics, Petfood, Household Goods, Health & Beauty, Cleaning products, Chemical industries are demanding. Manufacturers want high productivity with low production costs (minimum downtime, low TCO, or Total Cost of Ownership). 


The specific challenges faced include: minimising downtime in production as the food needs to be packaged/stored as soon as possible, very strict safety requirements for export, and of course promoting/protecting your brand reputation.


Our experience and training ensures we offer the most suitable machinery/specification which is then fully backed by our unbeatable support to ensure the maximum return on your investment.

We have successfully installed printers (Inkjet CIJ) on various industries demanding high printing speed, rotating plastic discs, etc. Depending on the application we can integrate our solutions on your existing production lines. These include opaque ink (white, yellow) printing, etc.


Our goal is to ensure print quality combined with accuracy and consistency even in the most harsh environments. As a result, your business will benefit from high performance, gains in productivity and the ability to code onto different type of substrate.

Metal Detectors, X-Ray inspection, Checkweighers and Weigh-Price Labellers are available individually or in Combi form.

Metal Detectors and X-Ray inspection are the main method to check for foreign body contamination such as: iron/alloy metals, stainless steel, glass, stones, HD plastics, etc. 

X-Ray inspection detects not only foreign body contaminants, such as metal, glass, stones, etc, but can also detect missing products and fill levels.

The biggest issue with detectors is that of false rejects, meaning it sounds an alarm, rejects a product and on inspection you discover there is no contamination. This can be due to a number of reasons: product has different characteristics from those used for the set-up, wrong product program is chosen or someone changed the settings. Safeline metal detectors with our training of your operators, will minimise false rejects while ensuring you detect the smallest possible metals including 316 SS, the most difficult to detect. 

Metal Detection
Metal detection

A packaging machine suitable for the specific application is the preferred way to ensure lower Total Cost of Ownership, or TCO. Sometimes an economy model is suitable. Usually though, where a production line will be working for many hours a day, every day, a good, reliable, easy-to- use machine will last longer with less downtime, meaning higher profits.

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