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Large Character Inkjet

Domino C16 large character printer

Helping you to improve your inventory management by printing large alphanumeric characters on to cases, trays and sacks, the C16 prints character heights of 10/14/20/32 mm. A simple, but highly effective print solution, it delivers increased productivity, flexibility and profitability while meeting the requirements of the whole supply chain. Based on Drop on Demand Valve Jet technology, it's simple to install, use and maintain.

Domino Macrojet

The Macrojet delivers robust and reliable large character coding even within the harshest environments. With consistently high quality print output, it has a well-⁠deserved reputation for delivering reliable and cost-⁠effective large character coding for a wide range of industries. Its compact design with integral print head allows it to be mounted on a wide variety of carton taping machines and production lines.


The ideal choice if you need high quality coding on a wide range of porous and non-⁠porous substrates, such as PVC, outer cases and trays, wood, metal, sacking and extrusion.

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