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V-Series TTO  Thermal Transfer Overprinter

Domino V120i, V230i, V320i

The V-series range is capable of Intermittent Mode (IM) and Continuous Mode (CM) in the same printer (at last!), with unique ribbon-saving features and dancing arm. No air required.


V120i- print area 32x55mm (IM), 32x500mm (CM) for text, dates, lot numbers

V230i- print area 32x55mm and 53x55mm (IM), 32x500mm and 53x500(CM) for text, dates, lot numbers, barcodes

V320i- print area 53x115mm and 128x115mm (IM), 53x2700mm and 128x1000(CM) for text, dates, lot numbers, barcodes

Typically used on vertical and horizontal flow pack packaging machines

Ribbons available in different widths/lengths, colours and grades.


Applications include:

  • snacks

  • bakery

  • pharma

  • printing on labels on a label applicator

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