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Label Applicator

Herma H400

Compact, modular, servo driven. The compact labeler range with a modular system 

Uniquely compact, incomparably versatile: The HERMA 400 is a true space-saving wonder and is the world’s best-selling applicator in the high-quality product sector. 

  • The HERMA 400 can apply any type of adhesive label to virtually any type of product or package.

  • It is used in a number of industries, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, logistics, food and beverages, the automotive industry and the chemical industry.

  • Depending on the machine type, the applicator can be installed in the horizontal, upright or suspended position. 

  • With its wide range of available accessory modules, the HERMA 400 can be easily integrated into any packaging line.

  • For this reason and because of its high performance and reliability, the 400 is the heart of every  labeling machine.

HERMA 400 Rotary applicator

Narrow, fast and powerful

The space-saving HERMA 400 Rotary applicator quickly makes new and existing rotary machines suitable for applying adhesive labels, for example on drinks such as beer, mineral water or spirits, or on food products and cosmetics. This special version of the successful and high-performance HERMA 400 applicator features a particularly narrow and compact design.

HERMA 400 with laser

The HERMA 400 applicator, the HERMA laser-activatable labels and a CO2 laser printer – the cost-effective, reliable labeling solution for a broad spectrum of industrial applications.

Areas of application

  • Packaging labelling

  • Shipping labeling

  • Batch/lot labeling

  • Labeling food packaging

  • Bar code labeling of products

  • Applications in the publishing industry

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