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Detectable Products

Detectable products are designed to address the problem of plastic and rubber particles contaminating food and pharmaceutical production lines. Detectable products are manufactured from special polymers that contain evenly dispersed additives, giving the polymer magnetic properties, thus the advantage of being detectable as a metal contaminant, when used in conjunction with a metal detection or x-ray inspection system. Detectable products can be used as part of your HACCP process.

Find below the ideal detectable products for your company from the following categories:










  •  pens & eco-pens

  •  marker/gel pens

  •  pocket calculator

  •  clipboard

Food Handling

  •  catering knives

  •  handling & storage

  •  brushes

  •  drinking/sampling mug

Tools, etc

  •  safety knives  

  •  handy storage trays  

  •  tags & labels

  •  test pieces

  •  box

  •  cable ties


  •  gloves

  •  mob caps & hair nets

  •  earplugs

  •  beard snood

  •  stainless steel glove dispenser

First Aid

  • plasters

  • first aid kit

Due to the variety of products in size/colours and types please contact us for more information 

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