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Safeline Tablex Pro

Designed and built to comply with and exceed FDA and GMP standards and to satisfy the demands of the pharmaceutical industry regulation, Tablex-PRO metal detection systems provide the ultimate in mobile, fully integrated product inspection and rejection systems for tablets and capsules.

Pharma GF-Pro

Gravity FlowSD metal detection systems deliver unrivalled levels of detection sensitivity to all metal contaminants in bulk, free flowing powders and granular products. All systems incorporate an integrated high-speed reject valve.

Gravity FlowSD systems are able to detect and effectively reject all metal contaminants including the normally difficult to find non-magnetic stainless steels. A Y-valve reject system is easy to clean and can be rated to NEMA 4X standards. The reject swings out easily for cleaning.

Operation is simple and can be performed via an intuitive membrane style key panel in the case of PowerPhase and PowerPhasePLUS electronics based systems or via a full color touch screen interface in the case of PowerPhasePRO electronics based system. Quick and easy operation maximizes uptime.

Safeline Throat

Sensitive vertical detection Vertical packaging metal detector, controlled from a full-colour touchscreen operator interface, for inspecting free falling products in-flight.

  • Maximum Sensitivity and Performance

  • Multiple ultra high tuned frequencies with enhanced noise and vibration immunity deliver exceptional sensitivity to consistently detect more metal.

  • Simple to Use and Robust Detector Design

  • Proven reliability. Intuitive, easy to use icon driven touchscreen. Choice of detector finishes and IP ratings.

  • Easy integration

  • Condition monitoring and Reduced Test mode ensure maximum performance over time and allow a reduction in scheduled performance monitoring tests.

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